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Quick Fire With Pete Dalmer

3pm // 28.06.2013

Slam Skateboarding Magazine. Pete Dalmer portrait. Photo: Sam Coady
Interview and photos by Sam Coady.

Pete Dalmer.

Where do you live?

Old as fuck, I'm 100.

How’s home owning going for you, mate?
It's going pretty good. Getting fairly raped with bills and stuff so I'm broke a lot, but it's alright, I'm enjoying it.

Slam Skateboarding Magazine. Pete Dalmer, Smith grind frontside flip out, Shenzhen, China. Photos: Sam Coady
Smith grind frontside flip out, Shenzhen, China.

What’s been going on lately?
Just skating, working and bumming around being a piece. Went up to Sydney today to skate with Leo Townsend, Anthony Bull and the crew. It was sick.

What are you doing for work right now?
I'm working for the old boy’s company doing air conditioning and refrigeration.

We just got back from skating over in China. How was that?
Fucking incredible man! Words cannot describe. Too many spots, not enough time. You killed it as a TM, by the way.

How’s skating over there compared to here?
It doesn't even compare (laughs). The whole country is made of marble and there are literally amazing spots absolutely everywhere. Security guards don't give a single fuck either. People are just so bamboozled on what you’re doing there riding a skateboard. It's wild.

Slam Skateboarding Magazine. Pete Dalmer, back Smith, Wollongong. Photo: Sam Coady
Back Smith, Wollongong.

Where else overseas have you been skating?
I’ve been to Canada and New Zealand, but I was there mostly for a snow trip so I didn't skate that much.

Who are you riding for these days?
Just Lodown skate shop at the moment.

What else have you been getting up to in your spare time apart from rolling?
Work, hang out with the missus, watch DVDs, hang out with the lads, drink beer, talk shit. Not too much really, I'm boring.
Are you filming for anything right now?
Yeah, I’m filming a part for a Wollongong video with Ben Laxton called "Get Mayne", and I’ve been filming with Leo Townsend a bit here and there for some HD stuff he's putting together.

Slam Skateboarding Magazine. Pete Dalmer, ollie over to nose manual, Wollongong. Photos: Sam Coady
Ollie over to nose manual, Wollongong.

Righto, now we’ve got that out the way let’s get to the important stuff. Keep it simple, mate.

You’re a Fleetwood Mac man. Give us your top three Mac classics?
Gypsy, Dreams, You Make Loving Fun.

Top three Aussie skateboarders right now?
That’s a hard one. Dean Palmer, Jake Hayes, Josh Pall.

Top three skateboarders out of Wollongong?
Marty Girotto, Sam Giles, Cam Mullan.

Next vacation spot?

Slam Skateboarding Magazine. Pete Dalmer, switch crooks, Guangzhou, China. Photo: Sam Coady
Switch crooks, Guangzhou, China.

Dream woman?
Already got her.
First time you got laid?
When I was 15, New Year’s Eve.

Least favourite trick?
Any form of varial flip, unless you're BA.
Favourite trick?
Back tail.

Final dying wish?
To have my tombstone installed with built-in motion detectors and speakers, so when some walks past it plays “Don't You Forget About Me” by Simple Minds.

Let’s finish this up. Why don’t we ever shoot stills? You’re always making me shoot sequences.
Because I suck and I like watching you stress out about depreciating the value of your camera.

Slam Skateboarding Magazine. Pete Dalmer, fakie 5-0 tre flip out, Guangzhou, China. Photos: Sam Coady
Fakie five-o tre flip out, Guangzhou, China.

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