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Quick Fire with Adam Davies

3pm // 24.01.2014

Adam Davies portrait. Photo: Andrew Bibby. Slam Skateboarding Magazine
Photos by Andrew Bibby.


Where do you live?
I just moved back in with my folks and five-year-old sister in Melbourne after living in America and Canada for two years.

Who are you riding for these days?
HUF, Mystery, Filmbot grip, Leftover hardware and Andale bearings.

What’s been going on lately?
Just skating, working, hanging with my girlfriend and catching up with friends and family I haven't seen in ages.

Adam Davies, switch crooks. Photo: Andrew Bibby. Slam Skateboarding Magazine
Switch crooks.

What are you doing for work right now?
I'm working for a power and gas company, connecting and disconnecting people. It's pretty mellow but it's wrapping up in the next couple months, so then I'll be on to something a bit more exciting, hopefully.

Tell us about your time in Canada, where you and photographer Andrew Bibby shot all of these photos. How long did you spend there all up?
It was two years away. I went to the States to skate for three months and ended up sublocating my ankle really bad in the first week. I couldn't skate for eight months or so. Instead of just coming home I moved up to Vancouver with my girlfriend and spent a year and a half there. We then had another three months in LA together before heading home.

You're really into ice hockey since you've been there, right? Who's your team and why?
Vancouver Canucks for sure. Probably just because when I was learning about the sport it was always them playing, and in Vancouver they're just everywhere. I was surrounded by it. GO NUCKS!

Adam Davies, backside tailslide. Photo: Andrew Bibby. Slam Skateboarding Magazine
Backside tailslide.

Best things about Canada?
Hockey, pizza stores on every corner, Tim Hortons, poutine, snow days, public transport, Alex Grizz.

Worst things about Canada?
The rain. It rains. So. Fucking. Much.

Who do you roll with in the States?
I usually stay with Mikendo. It's kinda the Filmbot house, everyone's always passing through. Otherwise, I skated with the HUF guys a bunch. That was a lot of fun. They know how to party.

Adam Davies hardflip manual. Sequence: Andrew Bibby. Slam Skateboarding Magazine
Hardflip to manual, kickflip out.

Best things about the US?
The Mexican food, cheap beer, the sun, everything. Seeing all the crazy stuff that you're used to seeing in the movies, but experiencing it in person is so different.

Worst things about the US?
Everything's so far away from everything else and I don't drive, so it was a bitch to get around if no-one was down to drive me. I sorted out the public transport, but it sucked, two hours on that or a 20 minute drive. It's not like here, that's for sure.

Where else overseas have you been skating?
I went to Barcelona when I was 17, but that wasn't a legit skate trip or anything. It was with my family, but I met some German guys and just went and skated every day.

Adam Davies, backside nosegrind. Photo: Andrew Bibby. Slam Skateboarding Magazine
Backside nosegrind.

We hear you're into stand-up comedy. How many times a week do you go to stand-up nights?
Usually just once a week. Steele Saunders runs this comedy night at the public bar on Wednesdays for $5. My girl and I always try to get a crew together. Always new comics, always so funny.

Top three Aussie comedians?
Oh, that's tough. It's so hard to select a top three, but Ronny Chieng, Luke McGregor and Lawrence Mooney are definitely some of my favourites.

Top three comedians ever?
Gotta be Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock and probably still Ronny Chieng. That dude is hilarious.

Adam Davies, noseslide seq. Photo: Andrew Bibby. Slam Skateboarding Magazine
Frontside half Cab flip noseslide, shove-it out.

Are you filming for anything right now?
Yeah, I'm working on a video part, not sure what it's gonna be for yet. It just feels productive to be out filming.

Top three Aussie skateboarders right now?
Probably Sammy Winter, Jack Crook and it's always sick to get a random sighting of Nath Oliver. He's been one of my favourites for years.

Top three skateboarders ever?
Gotta be Koston, MJ and Daewon.

Adam Davies, switch backside nosegrind. Photo: Andrew Bibby. Slam Skateboarding Magazine
Switch backside nosegrind.

Dream woman?
Scarlett Johansson or Jennifer Lawrence. Apparently she's a pretty rad person.

First time you got laid?
Wasted, 17, with this chick I worked with at the time, in some other girl's bed after a birthday or something.

Favourite trick?
At the moment, probably switch flips.

Adam Davies, front blunt pop out. Photo: Andrew Bibby. Slam Skateboarding Magazine
Frontside bluntslide transfer.

Least favourite trick?
Regular heelflips, always. They're the worst. Only because I can't do them, though. They look sick when they're done right.

Next vacation spot?
I really want to do a skate trip to Japan. I met a couple guys from there when I was in the States, and I've only been there for a holiday for a friend's wedding. It would be sick to do a trip there. Or some resort to just relax, but I'd rather use my time to explore more.

Final dying wish?
I really want to learn how to teleport. If you know someone who's keen to teach me, hit me up (laughs).

Adam's section from The Mobbn Deep Video.
{youtube width="930" height="698"}ILAIhrk9vxc{/youtube}

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