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03pm // 06.03.2017

The VPS podium: Ivan Federico, Tom Schaar and Pedro Barros. Photo: Anthony Acosta.

Tom Schaar wins the first stop of the VPS Pro Tour. 

Words by Nat Kassel.

As promised, the Vans Park Series events went down at Manly Beach over the weekend, despite some pretty horrible weather. While grey skies and rain loomed over Sydney, there were a few timely dry patches that allowed skateboarding’s international top dogs to flex their proverbial muscles on the concrete course.

Tom Schaar took out the $20,000 first prize in the men’s pro tour event, followed by Ivan Federico in second place and Pedro Barros in third. Because of the weather, the semi-finals were cancelled and the boys just had to go for broke in a snap finals round on the Saturday afternoon. The result was pretty gnarly.

SYD17 TomSchaar 540 Acosta 1
Tom Schaar spins a five into first. Photo: Anthony Acosta.

Federico’s kicky melons over the hip were huge, and consistent, as were Willy Lara’s sugarcanes on the extension. Pedro Barros skated with brute force while Raven Tershy’s impromptu nollie into the deep end of the bowl blew everyone away. Unfortunately Jack Fardell was held back by rolled ankle, and Grant Taylor took the people’s prize for heaviest slams before jumping the fence and legging it the fuck outta there. Tom Schaar made it look all too easy with consistent nosegrinds, no-comply tailslides and linked up lines.

The Continental Championships went down on Sunday, which was an open entry competition for the Oceania region. The comp is basically an alternative pathway for the local up-and-comers to get to the world championships in Chicago in September. Kiwi bro Bowman Hansen took that one out. Two Aussie young bucks Keegan Palmer and Jedd Mckenzie came in second and third respectively.

BowmanHansen Bennie VPS OC Mapstone
Bowman Hansen embracing the beni. Photo: Andrew Mapstone.

Newcastle’s own Poppy Starr Olsen took out the Women’s Oceanic Continental Championships, also qualifying for the world champs later in the year. Shanae Collins came second and Taniah Meyers scored third spot.

SYD17 PoppyStar Invert2 Acosta
Poppy Starr Olsen inverted. Photo: Anthony Acosta.

Here are the full results:

VPS Australia Global Qualifier Results

1. Tom Schaar
2. Ivan Federico
3. Pedro Barros
4. Murilo Peres
5. Raven Tershy
6. Cory Juneau
7. Alex Sorgente
8. Willy Lara
9. Tristan Rennie
10. Clay Kreiner
2017 VPS Men’s Tour Challenger Rankings

1. Tom Schaar
2. Murilo Peres
3. Willy Lara
4. Tristan Rennie
5. Roman Pabich

VPS Oceania Continental Championships –  Men’s Results
1. Bowman Hansen (Advancing to the World Championships)
2. Keegan Palmer
3. Jedd Mckenzie
4. George Richards
5. Lachlan Abbott
6. Kieran Woolley
7. Ethan Copeland
8. Mitchell Howse

VPS Oceania Continental Championships – Women’s Results
1. Poppy Starr Olsen (Advancing to VPS Women’s World Championships)
2. Shanae Collins
3. Taniah Meyers
4. Aimee Massie
5. Ruby Trew
6. Sari Simpson
7. Izy Mutu
8. Hayley Wilson

SYD17 RavenTershy IndyAir Acosta
Raven Tershy with a beastly backside indy. Photo: Anthony Acosta.

If you haven’t already, you can watch the top five finals runs here or the whole thing here.