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01pm // 21.06.2017

Celebrating GSD, adidas Skateboarding filled Bradfield Plaza with obstacles over the weekend for the Sydney Skate Copa. A solid sesh went down for cash for tricks.

Featuring Dennis Durrant, Tom Snape, Jae Overton, Levi Jarvis and more.

Filmed and edited by Leigh Bolton. Additional footage by Josh Hamilton. Photos by Dave Chami.

AdidasGSDHeroSkateCopa2017 950
Dennis kicks it off with a backside nosegrind on his Blackbird feature obstacle.

BradfieldPlazaasitsneverbeenseen 950
Bradfield Plaza cops a makeover.

EmceeJaeOverton 950
Ovo works the mic yo.

GoSkateboardingDayisforthekids 950
Sydney's next generation of rippers.

JaeOvertonFakie5 0 950
Overton, going up with a fakie five-o.

LeviJarvis 950
Levi Jarvis doesn't mind.

LeviJarvisAirwalk 950
Levi, walking on air.

PhilMarshallNosebluntslide 950
P-mun, noseblunts in front of a bloody lovely view.

KickflipBodyVarial 950
Sam Sutton catches a kickflip body varial.

TrentEvansThomasRobinsonGavAston 950
Trent Evans, Thomas Robinson and Gav Aston talk shop.

TomSnapeSwitchBackside180Fakie5 0 950
Tom Snape, switch 180 fakie five-o.

Dennisandthebesttrickcashwinners 950
Dennis and some happy homies who cleaned up in best trick.