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1pm // 19.08.2017

kotr awards 066 630px

Jacko on going pro, enjoi winning KOTR and taking out MVP!

Interview by Trent Fahey.

I think I owe you a trifecta of congratulations, for enjoi winning King of the Road, you taking out MVP, and turning pro all in one night! What a whirlwind. How does it all feel?

Man, it's more than I could ever imagine. It's been a hard secret to keep because everyone knew what I was going over for and everyone I've seen has asked me what happened. I’ve just had to keep my lips sealed.

The final episode was filmed a few weeks back when you flew over for the announcement. Describe the awards night for anyone that hasn’t watched it? 

Well, they had this little room and it had like six tables for an awards show night. Louie [Barletta] surprised us with some baby blue prom suits. They had heaps of free booze, so we had our fair share of that ’cause we were all super nervous. They handed out the highest/longest/most awards.

Andy Roy getting coat-hangered on a table looked so hectic. Did you see that go down?

[Laughs] Yeah, man. It was right after everything wrapped up. I was pretty drunk with booze and excitement, so it's all a bit blurry, but I saw the Creature guys focusing their table and I think a few of Gravette’s many awards were broken. Then Andy went to jump on the table and someone got the other side just before him and it flipped up and caught him right in the throat.

So brutal. You seemed pretty damn comfortable on KOTR. I think the enjoi team saw you as a much too valuable asset to do any of the stupid shit from the book.

I liked KOTR, man. It's cool just not having to think about tricks ... just read the book and wait for a spot or park where that trick will work. I think I got a bit of the skating shit done because I'd just try and dodge talking to the cameras. So I'd just skate as much as I could.

Everything you tried you seemed to have made, that’s damn impressive. What was the hardest challenge for you?

Um, I battled two tricks way more than the other tricks. The back tail inward heel and the switch heel up a six. The back tail inward heel kept over rotating. I tried it once for about three hours and then the second time it came pretty quick. First time trying the switch heel was at a park and it was the session we were skating with Deathwish. Everyone was landing pretty much every six stair trick while I'm waiting at the other end trying to go up it and just eating shit and hooking up for about three hours. About two hours into it Jake [Hayes] wedgied me, so I was trying it for an hour with my undies hanging around my knees.

There weren’t too many attempts to sabotage other teams this year, right?

Nah, not really. I think Deathwish threw some sand on a spot before we got there but that's mellow. We skated with Deathwish for more than half of the days I'd say. Those guys are the best.

Man, you’re the MVP of King of the Road. That’s no easy feat. How did it feel when they announced it?

It was sick, I couldn't believe it. I didn't like having to speak on stage ... I've always been super scared of that. It was way better when they announced the win up there with the team and seeing the cover. Even though I was cropped out of it [laughs].

kotr awards 073 630px

What do you mean you were cropped off the cover?

[Laughs] It was the one they showed at the awards night. It's someone doing a trick and we're all behind. The cover dropped but I was on the edge of the original photo and didn't make it in [laughs]. I don't know if it's how it will be when it comes out but it doesn't really matter, it's pretty funny.

Did you and the enjoi dudes think you had a good chance of winning?

We had no idea what any of the other teams did, so it would of been foolish to assume. We thought we would most likely be last.

What did you win for MVP? Is there a cash prize?

Nah, no extra cash. I got a cool arse trophy and a crown and cape.

Awesome. Is there a record for the total points each MVP has taken over the years? Do you know where you rank?

I'd have to guess Chris Cole would be winning that one but I honestly have no idea.

So, team enjoi takes home $50k for the win, how much is that each?

Um, I’m not to sure about that either [laughs]. It hasn't been split up yet. I’m looking forward to that day though, it’s gonna be sick.

Did you have any idea that you were going to turn pro in the lead up to the awards night?

Not one clue at all. Not in my wildest dreams. I can't thank Louie, Carson [Lee] and everyone from Dwindle and enjoi enough.

kotr awards 076 630px

If you could pick two other companies for enjoi to compete against in KOTR in the future, which teams would you pick?

Maybe two teams that don't show up so we can win the $50k again.

On top of all of the accolades we’ve discussed, I also need to congratulate you on getting engaged last month. How did you propose?

Alana surprised me with a weekend away to Rainbow Beach with a couple of my closest friends, but little did she know she was getting the surprise.

Did you choose a ring for her?

Yeah, I had the ring all ready to go.

Have you set a date?

Nah, nothing like that yet. We're having the engagement party when I get back from this European trip I’m on, so that'll be a bit of a wild one.

So now that you’ve turned pro, will you have more responsibilities to be in America regularly or abroad?

I’m not too sure just yet. I’m trying to get my foot fixed and get back on board and get back to where I was.

How is your busted hoof healing up and when will you be back in full force?

It's coming good. I’m doing a lot of physio. I broke my foot really bad and ended up with a bunion from the cast. My foot’s pretty much all good but my toe is killing me.

What video projects will you work on when you’re all good?

An enjoi part that was getting pretty close to finished before I got hurt, so I’ll hopefully finish that up in the next couple of months. I think our Volcom/Harley Davidson clips are about to come out, too.

Cool, well enjoy your European expedition! It’s your first time in Amsterdam, right?

Yeah, mate. It’s gonna be good doing an enjoi trip from Amsterdam, Germany, France and then end up in England. I’ll hopefully get a few grinds in on the bunion. 

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