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11am // 07.12.2017

adidas Skateboarding gave some local Melbourne rippers from Street Machine, Geelong Skate Shop and Fast Times a taste of what it’s like to jump in the van and go on a mission with Dennis Durrant, Gabriel Summers, Morgan Campbell, LP Nuku and Adam Davies.

Filmed by Leigh Bolton and Neihana Tonkin.

Photos by Dave Chami.

Geared up and ready to rip 630
Fresh kicks and new sticks from Fast Times.

Tawa Hayes Backside Tailslide 630
Tawa Hayes sits comfortably on a backside tailslide.

Burgers at Juanitas Peaches 630
Neihana, Gabbers and some local rippers take a break from shredding for some grub.

Cheers 630
A sip in between clips.

Morgan Campbell Wallie Feeble through the corner 630
Morgan feeble grinds through the corner in North Melbourne. 

Dennis Durrant Switch Backside Tailslide 630
Dennis ends the day with an SSBSTS tailslide at IMAX.