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3pm // 26.02.2018

The Vans Australia team put Chima's new shoe to the test.

Featuring Chima Ferguson, Reece Warren, Sam Giles, Shane Azar, Bibi Bradbury, Nik Stipanovic, Floyd Scott, Sam Fairweather, Cam Markin, Rome Collyer and Noah Papadopoulos.

Filmed and edited by George Kousoulis. Photos by Cameron Markin.

01 Reece laces up
Reece Warren laces up.

02 Reece back Noseblunt
And then back noseblunts the big ass bank. 

03 Chima Front Shove
A casual front shove from Chima. 

04 Jackson was there
Jackson was there.

05 Davo
So was Davo!

06 Azar
Azar back nollie heels.

07 Bibi
And Bibi Bradbury handles a blunt kickflip to fakie. 

Noah P
Noah Papadopoulos pops a front blunt under the wings of Etihad. 

Andrew Mapstone
Andrew Mapstone gives it a grind. 

IMG 4693
Get some!