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12pm // 21.03.2018

JacksonPilzFSWallRideTassie MapstoneFish 950

Our 2017 Australian SOTY is the first official Vans Asia-Pacific skate team rider.

News in from Vans:

Vans announce the new formation of the Asia-Pacific Skate Team as a continuation of focused effort towards pioneering skate culture in the region. The Asia-Pacific skate team will consist of a carefully selected group of individuals that represent the highest level of talent from the region. The addition of this new top-tier team provides riders with a platform for global visibility and a true pathway to professional skateboarding. Jackson Pilz the 2017 Slam Australian Skater of The Year and Thrasher King of the Road MVP will be the first rider introduced to the team.

Starting his skateboarding life on the warm beaches of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia, Jackson padded up as a grom and dropped into the local vert ramp rather than the glassy waves of the coast. Quickly becoming proficient on vert, spinning 540s and twisting 720s under his long hair and cap fitted under his helmet; the trademark look, Jackson’s love and passion for skateboarding continued to develop in skateparks and on the streets. The culmination of these skills has earned him a reputation beyond the ramp as he demonstrates his unique trick selection, technical prowess and raw power on any terrain laid before him.

“We are so proud to have Jackson to be the first to join our Vans APAC athlete program, his talent and passion for skateboarding sets the north star for kids throughout the region with dreams of going pro,” said Mathew Morgan, Marketing Director of Vans APAC.

“Signing with Vans APAC is the sickest shit ever! Everyone I've met so far from all the countries involved have been legends. I can’t wait to get on the road with everyone.” Jackson states.

Above photo: Frontside wallride yank out. Photos by Andrew Mapstone.

JacksonPilzVestsRBest Mapstone 950
See my vest.

Jackson Pilz Ollie 1 Mapstone 950
Our cover of Issue 214, Autumn 2017.