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9pm // 09.04.2018


A man was shot in the leg on the Gold Coast, Monday, April 9, after skating off from an argument with another male.

The 28-year-old man received wounds to his legs after his dispute with a 22-year-old man at around midday in Nerang. Police say the alleged shooter is, "known to him," and that, "After the altercation, the 28-year-old man rode off on his skateboard and while riding along Mortensen Road he sustained a gunshot wound to his leg."

The dude that was skating for his life has been transported to the Gold Coast University Hospital for treatment to non-life threatening injuries.

Nerang local, Robbie Dale, heard a loud crack, “I thought that’s not a balloon or a backfire,” he said in an interview with the Gold Coast Bulletin.

Dale thinks "it was a sawn-off rifle" and described the men involved as "bad kids" who were often in trouble.

Police are searching for the 22-year-old suspect involved in the incident. Investigations are ongoing.

Important evidence – board appears to be a cruiser. Photos: Lea Emery. Source: Gold Coast Bulletin