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11am // 26.04.2018

ShanaeCollins TailslideTransfer VPSFiveDock Photo Mapstone 630

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come this weekend at the VPS Oceania Championships at 5 Dock in Sydney.

More details about the comp here.

Shanae Collins, tailslide. Photos by Andrew Mapstone.

JakobRobinson BacksideBoneless VPSFiveDock Photo Mapstone630
Jakob Robinson, backside boneless.

EthanCopeland StaleFish VPSContiFiveDock Photo Mapstone630
Ethan Copeland, stalefish.

DylanDonnini BackSmith VPSFiveDock Photo Mapstone630
Dylan Donnini, back Smith.

NoahFuzi CrailAir VPS Photo Mapstone630
Noah Fuzi, crail.

KeenanPalmer NosePick VPSFiveDock Photo Mapstone630
Keegan Palmer, frontside nosepick.

GerogeRichards OneFoot VPSFiveDock Photo Mapstone630
Geroge Richards, one foot.