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4pm // 18.07.2018

adidas Skateboarding launched the Melbourne Das Days event over the weekend with a takeover of Welcome to Thornbury in Northcote.

The event was dedicated to the new 3MC shoe, and it saw the Australian adidas riders put the new kicks to the test on a makeshift set up.

Scroll down for the photos below and check out the video featuring Dennis Durrant, Gabriel Summers, Mitch Morrison, Kayle Lawson, Vanessa Miles, Morgan Campbell, Adam Davies and LP Nuku.

Filmed by James James, Jon Fitzgerald and Josh Hamilton. Edited by Josh Hamilton. 

Music by Tyrannamen.

Photos by Dave Chami.

das days 3MC Specialty Shoe 630
The 3MC!

DasDaysMelb10 630
Visual diaries from the adi team's polaroids plastered the walls.

das days Sid Tapia piece 9757 630
Sid Tapia sprayed this silhouette piece live. A very talented man.

DasDaysMelbVanessaMilesNosebluntYankIn 630
Vanessa Miles yanks out of a backside nosepick.

DasDaysMelbAdamDaviesKickflipBacksideTailslide 630
Adam Davies kicky back tail.

DasDaysMelbDennisDurrantwithashinerhegotfromslammingthedaybefore 630
Dennis Durrant copped a black eye from a run in with an IMAX ledge the day before.

DasDaysMelbDennisDurrantSlappyFrontCrooks 630
DD still hit the course with a sick slappy front crooks.

DasDaysMelbTomGriffinWallride 630
Tom Griffin goes the bonkers wallride.

DasDaysMelbLPNukuBacksideNosegrind 630
LP Nuku knows how to balance a backside nosegrind.

DasDaysMelbMitchMorrisonNollie180Fakie5 0 630
Mitch Morrison nollie 180 to fakie five-o.

DasDaysMelbKayleLawsonFrontsideNoseslideFromFlat 630
This obstacle looks reminiscent of our skateable magazine for another adidas event. Kayle Lawson frontside noseslides the spine from flat.

DasDaysMelbRichardFludeSwitchHeelflipBacksideTailslide 630
Richard Flude ain't slowing down – switch heel back tail.

Hit up your local skate shop to get a pair of the 3MC shoes. Or find them online here.