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2pm // 02.08.2018


The battle for a skatepark in Sydney’s Rushcutters Bay has kicked over into a new phase. It’s been two years since Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull himself wrote a letter to Woollahra Council criticising plans for the skatepark, saying that, “Adding hard surfaces and concrete structures is not sympathetic to how the park is currently used by its visitors.” 

Old Turnbull was obviously looking out for the cashed-up baby-boomers who walk their dogs and dock their yachts down on the foreshore – skaters be damned.

Despite lobbying from the Sydney Skateboard Association, the plan for the skatepark was voted down by the council in May 2017 and it looked like the park would die then and there. But then in September last year, a newly-elected Greens Councillor named Megan McEwin said she supported the skatepark and it was at the top of her to-do list.

Since then, support within the council has grown for the facility and they’ve come up with new plans and a new location (within the same park). The new design, by Convic, looks pretty good, with a relatively small but fun-looking street plaza, plus a half-court for basketball and some seating. 

630 rushcutters bay

The Woollahra Council now claim that they’re “especially keen to hear what young people think of the concept plan” and they’ve got an online survey about the facility running until August 31.

For more details of the plans, head over to the council’s website. To have your say on the skatepark, you can complete online survey right here.

Article by Nat Kassel.