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02pm // 27.04.2018

Parli Adi Krooked MNWEB17 950

adidas Skateboarding launched the new Krooked capsule collection at Parliament skate shop over the past weekend.

A slappy sesh went down in the steep side street and then a mini jam fired up in the shop. Australian adidas riders Dennis Durrant, Pedro Day, Mitch Morrison, Reef Condon and Benny Fairfax were in the house – with Parliament crew including Andrew Brophy, Andrew Beauchamp, Trent Riley, Louis Riley and Mike Lawry.

Photos by Wade McLaughlin and Matt Neilsen.

Parli Adi Krooked MNWEB23 950
The adidas x Krooked collection in all its glory.

Parli Adi Krooked MNWEB13 950
One of the lovely ladies handing out cold Golds.

Parli Adi Krooked MNWEB9 950
The Gonz and Roses tee.

 DSC3082 950
The crew lines up for the slappy – Beacho and his boy Arlo in the mix.

 DSC3018 950
Louis Riley crooks the kerb.

 DSC3110 950
Edgar Kiisa takes a different approach on a tailslide.

 DSC3004 950
Dennis Durrant lights the lane up with a blazing backside bluntslide.

MitchMorrison frontsidebluntslide Laneway 950
Mitch Morrison frontside blunt.

 DSC3443 950
Parliament Skate Shops Jesse Newnham and Trent Fahey talk old man shit over some tins. 

 DSC3450 950
Foosball tournaments all round! Jon Lorcan lovin' it! 

 DSC3399 950
The ramp jam commences with hella hype from the onlookers.

 DSC3326 950
Mitch Owens backside boneless on a completely thrashed plank.

 DSC3305 950
John Green and the Zip Zinger.

 DSC3330 950
Trent Riley rolls that back foot on an r 'n' r.

LouisRileybsnoseblunt 950
Louie Riley poised on a backside noseblunt for some cash.

 DSC3430 950
Next box is on Louie!

Parli Adi Krooked MNWEB20 950 
The full collection is available in select skate shops now.