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12pm // 11.04.2019

EthanCopelandVPS Sydney2019 Mapstone LoRes

Here are some sneaky pics from a practice session for the Vans Park Series Oceania Continental Championships, which goes down at Five Dock Skatepark this Sunday, April 14.

Homepage image: Ethan Copeland, back blunt pop in. Photos by Andrew Mapstone.

PoppyOlsenTransferVPS Sydney2019 Mapstone LoRes
Poppy Starr, backside air.

NoahFuzi VPS Sydney2019 Mapstone LoRes
Noah Fuzi, backside nosegrind.

NixenOsbourneVPS Sydney2019 MapstoneLoRes
Nixen Osborne, inverted.

EthanCopelandChannelAirFakie VPS Sydney2019 Mapstone LoRes
Ethan Copeland, backside grab to fakie.

The VPS Oceania Continental Championships are open to all skaters of the Oceania region, men and women. Meeting proof of regional eligibility and any associated entry fees will provide an official path to the Vans Park Series World Championships in Salt Lake City, USA on September 7.

WHERE: Five Dock Skatepark, Sydney

WHEN: Sunday, April 14

8am – Men’s Practice

11am – Women’s Practice

1pm – Women’s Oceania Regionals

2pm – Men’s Oceania Regionals

3.45pm – Best Trick on Red Bull obstacles. Open to men and women in the contest – cash for tricks

4.15pm – Awards

Sign up or find more info here.