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02pm // 02.05.2019

DSC 9955

Pics from Mike Lawry's Alien Workshop pro party and video part premiere at Parliament Skate Shop a couple of weeks back.

Don't forget to check our Insta comp with a Lawry prize pack from Project Distribution. The winner will be announced early next week! 

Photos by Reece Newnham.

DSC 9862
Leeza with her man, Lawry.

DSC 9880
The Parli boys Jesse and Reece Newnham flank Alien's first Aussie pro.

DSC 9956
OG AWS graphic by the one and only Mike Hill.

DSC 9892
Cheers to Young Henry's for the brews.

DSC 9887
Tins and grins.

DSC 9893
Tooza and Scotty Shearer!

DSC 9896
Gavin Clark and Joel Wilshere.

DSC 9883
Jayden DP and Joel McIlroy.

DSC 9964
Jett Stanton and Louie Riley.

DSC 9967
Kane Stewart and J-Mac.

DSC 9903
Ben Ventress and Lawry – pre-premiere hype.

DSC 9940
Full house at Parliament for their boy! Congrats, Lawry!