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Sydney's 335 Skate Supply welcome Jack to the team with this rad video part cut to a couple of hectic tracks.

Published in Full Part

Sydney's Jae Overton delivers the goods in a sick new part for U.P.S. Skate Shop, also featuring Josh Heffernan, Corey Young, Charles Robertson, Kaloe Kaaikala and Anthony Bull.

Published in Street Montage

Congratulations to Michael Mieruszynski – winner of our 2016 New Gen of the Year award. Watch Michael stylishly shred the Sydney streets in this highlights edit from his Trophy Room video part and New Gen clip.

Published in Full Part

With quick feet and bionic kickflip abilities, Michael shreds the Sydney streets for the last part in Trophy Room, a video by Brendan Gardoll.

Published in Full Part

Corey delivers smooth and stylish lines accompanied by a swooning saxophone track for his part in Trophy Room... Hide your sisters.

Published in Full Part
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