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A Decade of Delay

15pm // 23.12.2016

Could Sydney's long wait for promised new parks be almost over?

Come behind the build and artwork of our mega mag, created for adidas Skateboarding's 'Bring Your Build' challenge.

Check out the clip and photos from adidas Skateboarding's 10 Years of Dennis Busenitz exhibition, held in Sydney last week.

The final stop was a banger at Pizzey Park. Check out the video and photo gallery here.

Enjoy our photo gallery from the Sydney demo on adidas Skateboarding's Away Days Team Tour.

We teamed up with Parliament Skate Shop for the launch of our Summer Edition. Check out the video and photos from a top night.

adidas Skateboarding launched into their Away Days team tour of Australia on Saturday with a cracking demo at the Melbourne Museum. Check out the photos.

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