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Five Tricks in Four Days with Rowan Davis

11am // 09.12.2016

Rowan Davis, varial heelflip. Photo: Jarrod Knoblauch.
Varial heelflip. All photos by Jarrod Knoblauch. 

We were in the final stages of filming for the upcoming Arrow Wheels Am video. Rowan had already sent through some sick footage but was keen to film more, so he, along with Dean Parsons and Sam Sutton (who were filming for élan), came to Adelaide to knock out some last minute tricks.

I’ve skated with Rowan on a few trips previously and I’ve always been hyped on his skating and how switched on he seems for someone his age. This trip was no different. He smashed out a bunch of footage, along with these photos, and in the short time he was here he turned the footage he already had into almost a full part.

He's super polite, which is great, but there were times when we’d ask him what he wanted to do. He’d answer, “Whatever you guys want to do”. This usually meant that he was still down to skate, but knew we were pretty much done. After letting him know that it was his decision multiple times, we’d finally end up at the next spot. This was the case on the last night. We’d skated all day and Rowan had already taken revenge on a line he didn’t get previously (within a few minutes).

There was one more trick that he wanted to go back for, and his options were either that night or a super early mission the next day before catching the plane home. We opted for that night, but as soon as we set the lights up it started raining. We waited it out, and being a hot day the spot dried up quickly. Rowan got to work and once again was rolling away within a few minutes. As soon as we’d finished checking the footage the rain set in again and kept pouring until the next day. It worked out perfectly. – Andy Walker

rowan 5050 kinker

Top five things about your trip to Adelaide

1. Coco Pops at Andy Walker’s house
2. Late night Coco missions with Dean Parsons
3. The spots
4. Getting away from Newcastle
5. Skating with da bois

Top five spots you've skated

1. Lincoln Square
2. Adelaide ghetto
3. Sydney Uni
4. Melton Drains
5. Rhodes in Sydney

Top five foods

1. Maccas
2. KFC
3. Bunnings snag
4. Finger buns
5. Sour worms

Top five Australian skaters

1. Shane O'Neill
2. Jake Hayes
3. Casey Foley
4. Dane Burman
5. Harry Clark

Top five things to avoid

1. Nathen Zahra
2. Riding in Levi Moore’s car when it’s raining
3. Vegetables
4. Junkies
5. Ginger beer

Top five people to film with

1. My man Cozza Corn (Brandon Caldwell)
2. Taboner (Adam Tabone)
3. Palmy (Simon Palm)
4. Sour worm (Dean Parsons)
5. Big boy pants (Andy Walker)

rowan bs 360 ghetto
Backside 360.

Top five things about riding for Clowd Distribution brands

1. Good wood
2. My friends ride for Clowd brands
3. It's Australian
4. Arrow Wheels are hectic
5. Andy Walker is the man

Top five skateparks in Australia

1. Port Macquarie
2. Coffs Harbour
3. Riverside
4. Bateau Bay
5. Waterloo

Top five reasons to skate

1. It's lit as fuck
2. It's fun
3. Get chickz
4. There’s no age limit
5. You don’t need a team

Top five reasons not to skate

1. Getting OCD
2. Ripping shirts on the daily
3. Getting hurt
4. Rain
5. Spending money

Top five tricks to do

1. Tré flip
2. Frontside flip
3. Back three
4. Back lip
5. Frontside feeble

Top five tricks to learn

1. Switch flip
2. Nollie flip
3. Front crooks
4. Flip ins
5. Flip outs

rowan fs shuv fence heathfield v2
Front shove.

Top five spots on the bucket list

1. Santa Monica Courthouse
2. China spots
4. 3rd & Army
5. Woolstores ledges

Top five bands/artists

1. Beyoncé
2. Odd Future
3. Bad Girl Ri Ri
4. King Gizzard
5. Drake

Top five things about living in Medowie

1. Nothing
2. Nothing
3. Nothing
4. Nothing
5. Dominos

Top five items on the Maccas menu

1. Large cheesy meal
2. Large Big Mac meal (when I'm balling)
3. Choc frappé mixed with Oreos
4. Double beef and bacon
5. Free water

Top five things to do when you can’t leave the house

1. Sleep
2. Go to the fridge
3. Watch cats getting scared of cucumbers
4. Watch Seinfeld
5. Cry

Top five pick-up lines

1. "I lost my number, can I borrow yours?"
2. "How ya garn?"
3. "Is your body from McDonald's? ’Cause I'm loving it"
4. "What’s ya Snapchat?"
5. "Are you a parking ticket? ’Cause you've got fine written all over you"

Rowan Davis, Smith grind. Photo: Jarrod Knoblauch.
Smith grind.

See the latest range from Arrow Wheels here, and stay tuned for the new video – dropping soon.