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Summer Edition Launch Party | Video and Photos

05pm // 15.12.2016

We teamed up with Brisbane's Parliament Skate Shop for the launch of our Summer Edition.

An extra surprise was in store for cover boy Andrew Beauchamp, in the form of a board wall displaying an array of decks featuring his page one shot. Check out the video and photos from a top night.

Video by John Green. Photos by Reece Newnham.

DSC 0778

Preparation. Cheers to Coopers for the beers!

DSC 0783

Joel Wilshere has a flick.

DSC 0808

Jon Lorcan and Tim Black.

DSC 0862

Hug it out, lads.

DSC 0884

Parliament's John Green grabs a cuddle with Beacho.

DSC 0889

Photographer Wade McLaughlin swoops in for a well-earned clink.

DSC 0897

On top of the cover, Wade also shot the majority of the Brisbane feature inside this issue. Yeah, Wadeos!

DSC 0921

Trent Riley hangin' tough with the boys.

DSC 0938

Beacho with a shifty looking character who clearly needs a Coopers.

DSC 0978

Beach has a scribble.

DSC 0981

It's true, he really does.

DSC 0984

He's also really fuckin' loud.

DSC 0997

Kane Stewart and Parliament's Jesse Newnham talk shop.

DSC 1005

Gather 'round.

DSC 1024

Mitch Morrison, Beacho and Jesse.

DSC 1027

T-Buns and Liam Mckee; always hyped.

DSC 1033

Jesse Noonan meets Jesse Newnham. What a time to be alive!

DSC 1048

Callum Stoakes and Gavin Clark.

DSC 1058

Mitchell 'Mashy' Howse, Chris Zoupantis and Shannon Riley.

DSC 1063

Red, Kyle Dodd and Trent. Look out for Red's new clothing brand, Croc Lobster... It's cookin'. He's also got the feature interview inside this issue.

DSC 1068

Alex Lawton, Trent Fahey and Jake Darwen.

DSC 1080

Bloody Beacho again, this time with Pat Pollock.

DSC 1097

Lovely ladies Shazza and Krystal.

DSC 1099

Lorcan flaunts it with his girl, Dana.

DSC 1109 2

Pat, Mashy, Jai Mitchell, Liam and Callum in the chill-out zone.

DSC 1126

A bit of friendly wrestling broke out.

Thanks to Parliament Skate Shop, Coopers and everyone for coming out.

Our Summer Edition is out now!

213 Cover. Beacho, ollie, Brisbane. Photo: Wade McLaughlin.

Andrew Beauchamp, ollie, Brisbane. Photo: Wade McLaughlin.

See what's inside this issue // Find your nearest print copy // Download the Digital Edition.