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Bigsound Festival 2013

2pm // 11.10.2013

Bigsound Festival: Calling All Cars
Words and photos: Dave Read

If you're one of those people who define their music taste by what's being played on the radio or whatever's in the charts at the time, then you're blowing it big time. There's a world of undiscovered bands and musos out there that you're missing out on. The Bigsound festival held in Brisbane - which is now in it's 12th year running - celebrates this undiscovered talent, and for two nights turns Fortitude Valley into a live music mecca with over 120 up-and-coming bands playing throughout 12 different venues.

Unlike the majority of the music-loving crowd flowing through the streets of the Valley, I had only a limited window of opportunity to see what was on offer this year. I headed straight to Oh Hello! where the Triple J Unearthed stage was set-up. Major Leagues were on stage and finishing off their set, and their fuzzed-out '60s surf and garage sound had the crowd amped. Three-piece Perth act The Love Junkies hit the stage shortly after and absolutely killed it. Even as guitarist and vocalist Mitch McDonald broke a string two songs into the set, they played on as if it hadn't even happened, and proved to everyone that they are definitely a band to watch out for.

Tempo Hotel had Calling All Cars on stage. These guys work hard and tour heavily, and have come a long way from being support act favourites. Their set list consisted mostly of new tracks, presumably from their upcoming album, and sounded very promising.

Ric’s Café is not the first venue that comes to mind when I think live music. Ground level is about the size of a shipping container, and trying to fit a stage, a bar and a crowd into it at the same time means standing shoulder-to-shoulder in a drunken, sweaty, human mass. The Sinking Teeth didn't care, though. They rocked the shit out of that place, and finished off my all-too-short Bigsound experience for 2013.

Don't miss Brisbane's Bigsound festival when it rolls around in 2014.

Bigsound Festival: Major Leagues

Major Leagues.

Bigsound Festival: The Love Junkies

The Love Junkies.

Bigsound Festival: The Love Junkies

Five-string shredding.

Bigsound Festival: Calling All Cars

Calling All Cars.

Bigsound Festival: Calling All Cars

Bigsound Festival: The Sinking Teeth

The Sinking Teeth.

Visit: qmusic.com.au/bigsound // facebook.com/BIGSOUNDmusic.