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Rome Torti - Rest in Peace

3pm // 22.08.2014

Rest in Peace Rome Torti
Photo: Andrew Otten

It is with a heavy heart that we share this news. Our close friend and photographer Rome Torti passed away on Friday August 22. Below is the post from the Support Rome Torti team:

Rome Torti passed away this morning, with his wife Rachel’s arms wrapped around him and the rain coming down.

He was peaceful, he was at home and he knew he was loved.

For all of us who loved Rome, it may not have been forever, but it was our forever.
For Rachel, Rome and Ryder, it may not have been a perfect love story, but it was their love story.

Thank you all for sharing in Rome’s wonderful, fun, happy, enormous life.

When he needed you, you rallied.
When he needed space, you respected that.
When he needed a beer, you were more than happy to join in.

Rome attracted friends and supporters for a reason – his positivity and strength was inspirational and a force that all of us simply wanted to be around. He was a happy warrior who lived what he loved.

His family and friends thank you so much for all for your unending support.

Rome Torti guard of honor
Photo: Kit Wise.

Thursday August 29 was an incredible celebration of the life of Rome Torti. A beautiful service was held at the Dream Centre on the Gold Coast, fittingly right next to where Nexus skatepark used to lay – a place Rome and his brother, Dave, spent many hours. A session and BBQ at Pizzey Park followed by beers at the Burleigh Hotel was a perfect send-off for our beloved friend. Rome Torti forever!