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Slam Skater of the Year 2015: Gabriel Summers

2pm // 03.03.2015

Slam Skater of the Year 2015: Gabriel Summers. Photo: Jake Darwen
Frontside nosegrind. Photo: Jake Darwen.

Congratulations to Gabriel Summers – our 2015 Slam Skater of the Year, presented by Levi’s.
With complete disregard for his personal health, safety and sanity, Gabbers pushed himself harder than ever in the past year. He produced a stack of magazine coverage and deservedly took out last part of the new PD Distribution video, 5 Years at the Bottom. His heavy section also saw him voted as the winner of our Video Part of the Year award.

Enjoy our surprise announcement for Gabbers in the edit here, filmed by Colin Evans, plus a bonus part from his 5 Years At The Bottom section edited by Dustin Dollin.

slam skater of the year 2015 - gabriel summers

Photo: Darwen.