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The Blunder Down Under Tour – Lead-Up Interview: Sebo Walker

2pm // 11.09.2015

Sebo Walker portrait. Photo: Gabe Morford.
Photo by Gabe Morford.

Krooked and Real's Blunder Down Under tour, run by Project Distribution, kicks off next week on Friday September 18. Check out this quick Q&A with Krooked rider Sebo Walker in the lead-up to his first time in Australia.

Interview by Ben Ventress.

What are your impressions of Australia?

I've never been, so just from photos and videos, I want to say epic beaches, beautiful people, kind of like a paradise vibe if you will. From skate videos, it seems like there are really good spots everywhere. I know there is more to it than that, but yeah, really excited to get there. It always looked really cool in videos.

Sebo Walker, backside tailslide. Photo by Gabe Morford.
Backside tailslide. Photo by Gabe Morford.

What are you looking forward to about this trip?

Nothing too specific. I'm just excited to go to so many different cities. It seems like a pretty awesome route for someone who's going there for their first time. Stoked to see all the different spots and parks. It was on the bucket list, so to go with the Krooked and Real guys is pretty sick.

Are there any spots or places in particular you want to go to?

I don't know if its still there, but from videos, that gold rail that Dustin Dollin used to skate always looked really cool. That one pops out right now for some reason. I'm just stoked to go somewhere new in general I guess.

Are you down to try Vegemite?

Yeah, I actually love it. My girlfriend lived in Australia for about a year as an exchange student. She lived with a family and she introduced me to it. That's the only reason I know about it. I put it on a piece of toast with jelly the very first time, and it was the craziest combo. I'm not sure if you're supposed to eat it like that.

The Blunder Down Under Tour

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