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The Real Krooked Tour – Morford Outtakes

9am // 03.02.2016

Real/Krooked Morford Outtakes
Ishod, frontside bluntslide. Photo: Morford.

The Real and Krooked teams got so much done on their 10-day Australian tour that we couldn't fit it all into the 16-page article inside our current issue. Head over to the DLX site to see a rad photo gallery of Gabe Morford's extras from the trip, featuring Ishod Wair, Bobby Worrest, Ronnie Sandoval, Sebo Walker and Robbie Brockel. Stay tuned for the video from the trip – coming soon. Gallery here.

Bobby Worrest, switch kickflip. Photo: Morford.
Bobby, switch kickflip. Photo: Morford.