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Upside Down Under – Ronnie Sandoval Interview

11am // 01.03.2016

ronnie sandoval portrait. photo: Morford
Interview courtesy of Dickies Australia. All photos by Gabe Morford.

Age: 19
Started skating: 6
Rides for: Dickies, Krooked, Lakai, Doom Sayers, Ace, Spitfire, Diamond Hardware.

What is your first memory or experience of skating?
First memory is hopping on a board and slamming. Just straight up got caught in the smallest crack in my driveway and hit my face. First time on a board, jumped on, fell, and hit my face.

Who and what inspired you to skate?
I skated down to Channel Street and I saw Robbie Russo skating. He was going really fast around the bowls; mach 10. So yeah, that inspired me. I told myself that I wanted to do that, and it made me push myself. And here I am.

ronnie sandoval madonna. Photo: Morford
Madonna to Smith bash, Sydney.

What is your first memory of Dickies?
My dad used to dress me in Dickies anytime I would go hang out with him and his friends, so I always wore Dickies when I was younger. Little gangster baby.

Your birthday wasn’t long ago. How did you celebrate it?
What did I do for my birthday? Oh yeah! I hung out with Rye Beres, Rick (Fabro), Ponyboy. We went skating and had a great day. Then I went to hang out with my family, they bought me a cake and sang me a song.

ronnie sandoval feeble. Photo: Morford
Feeble grind, Canberra.

What is the craziest thing you have ever witnessed when out in the streets?
We were skating at a gas station and this dude was picking on a bum. So my friend Brandon just went up to the dude and fucking klonked his ass and dropped him. One hitter quitter, dude.

What’s your go-to trick? Any weapons hidden in your bag of tricks?
Yeah, my glock, It’s an eggplant. That’s a go-to. A trick people don’t know I can do is a stalefish to Smith bash revert. No one’s ever seen that.

ronnie sandoval invert. Photo: Morford
Smith vert, Newcastle.

In your opinion who has currently got the best bag of tricks?
That’s a hard one. I would say Ishod [Wair], man. His bag of tricks is endless.

You’re a part of the Doom Sayers Club. How has your time been with them? What have you learnt from the club and Omar Salazar?
Doom Sayers has been really great. I learned a lot from Omar and the club. I grew up with Omar, since like two years ago (laughs). I’ve been growing up ever since. I’ve met a lot of people and I’ve also met a lot of cool animals (laughs).

Best memory or funniest story from your travels?
I was almost hit by a car and Ishod saved my life. I was walking to the van and [Ishod] was like, “Yo Ronnie!” I wasn’t paying any attention and fully ignored him as I was walking in the middle of the street. Next thing he pulled me away and as he did a car swooshed right by me. Ishod saved my life. Thanks, Ishod.

ronniesandoval nosegrind site
Nosegrind pop-in, Sydney.

What kind of music are you listening to at the moment? What sort of music did you grow up listening to?
Oldies mostly, but everything to be honest, except techno. That shit wasn’t invented until I was like 10 (laughs). It wasn’t ‘til I was around 13 that I started to listen to Black Sabbath, Black Flag, Cro-Mags, all of it that comes with it. I listened to a lot of rap music when I was younger. That’s it pretty much.

You visited Australia a few months back, how was your time here? Where was your favourite place and why?
It was the best, I had so much fun there. I really want to go back. They got some hot ass girls there though. Shit, what city was that chick in? Perth? Yeah, I’d go to Perth. That was my favourite.

In Australia we love meat pies, vegemite and beer. What are your thoughts on Aussie food?
I don’t drink beer, but whatever was cheapest I ate. I didn’t really like the meat pies, I had too much of that. Whatever was put in front of us though I pretty much guarantee we ate that shit.

What do you do in your downtime?
In my downtime I listen to Mac DeMarco, draw, write in my journal, hang out with my friends, fuck around, go through good times, go through hard times, just like any other person. That’s what I do in my downtime. I wonder what everyone else does?

Ronnie Sandoval bs boneless. Photo: Morford
Backside boneless, Fremantle.

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