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Yeah Girl Photo Exhibition Wrap-Up

3pm // 16.03.2016

Exhibition photos by Luiz Flavio. Words by Steve Rodgie.

Yeah Girl was an all female skateboarding photo exhibition held on the Gold Coast over the past weekend. Framed prints of lady rippers from all corners of the globe, shot entirely by female photographers, adorned the walls of Currumbin’s Dust Temple gallery. Curated by local skater and photographer Sarah Huston, Yeah Girl served as an appreciation and celebration of female skateboarding and photography in 2016.

01Yeah Girl March 2016 low 107NEW

Some of the proceeds from photo purchases went to Skateistan, the non-government organisation that uses skateboarding as a tool for youth empowerment in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa. Skateistan has been hugely successful, and especially encouraging for young female skaters. It’s safe to say that there’s never been more ladies on a skateboard than now, and you’ll be a seeing a lot more of these shredding sheilas in the very near future. Hats off to Sarah and all the ladies involved. yeahgirl.com.au

02Lisa Kindberg SarahMeurle 180 Ollie
Sarah Meurle, frontside 180. Photo by Lisa Kindberg.

03Yeah Girl Lisa Kindberg Sarah Huston Katya Ilyushina
Lisa Kindberg, Sarah Huston and Katya Ilyushina.

04Yeah Girl March 2016 low 103
A packed crowd at Dust Temple.

05Marie Dabbadie Maria Lima BS Nose Tap
Maria Lima, crook bonk. Photo by Marie Dabbadie.

06Yeah Girl Izy Mutu Shanae Collins
Local rippers Izy Mutu and Shanae Collins.

07Yeah Girl March 2016 low 56
Booklets gave a guide to the exhibition, as well as a bit of background information on Skateistan.

08Mimi Knoop Alana Smith BS Smith
Alana Smith, backside Smith grind. Photo by Mimi Knoop.

09Yeah Girl Samara Jean Jesse Noonan
Samara Jean, Jesse 'Red' Noonan and Laura Avery.

10Yeah Girl March 2016 low 19
Cheyenne Birch and David Marino have a closer inspection.

11Sarah Huston Amanda France Wall Ride
Amanda France, wallride. Photo by Sarah Huston.

12Yeah Girl Lee Harvey Walker Steve Murphy
Lee Harvey-Walker and Steve Murphy.

13NamChi Van Allysha Begardo FS Smith
Allysha Bergado, frontside Smith grind. Photo by Nam-Chi Van.

14Yeah Girl Shari Lawson Sarah Huston Amanda France
Shari Lawson, Sarah and Amanda France.

15Sarah Meurle
Photo by Sarah Meurle.

Gold Coast crew can check out the premiere of Days Like These, a female skateboarding video screening this Friday, March 18 at Darkside Skateboards from 6pm. RSVP here.

Brisbane's Tessa Fox has done a cool article on the first international-standard skatepark recently built in Yangong, Myanmar, over here.

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