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Fallen Footwear Bows Out

9am // 12.04.2016

Fallen Is Over

Sadly, Fallen Footwear have bowed out of the industry. Read the release from Jamie Thomas below.

It is with a thankful & humble heart that I announce that Spring 2016 will be Fallen Footwear’s last season.

I would like to thank the past and present Fallen team, employees, distributors, and retailers. I’d also like to thank everyone that has ever bought a pair of our shoes or supported Fallen in any way over the past 13 years.

The Fallen mission and goal has always been to work with skateshops and support skateboarding with everything we do. Unfortunately, this has become increasingly more difficult for skate shoe brands.

Rather than waver from this mission, we are choosing to bow out. I encourage everyone to support authentic skate footwear brands as we wish them all the absolute best.

Skate or Die,
Jamie Thomas

We wish Jamie, Dane and rest of the Fallen team all the very best for the future.

01Dane Burman back 50 Arto FEED
Dane Burman, backside 50-50. Photo: Arto Saari. Printed in Slam issue 209.