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Excavators Set for Sydney's Martin Place

3pm // 12.05.2016

01KarlTruellBsSmithPopOut Darwen
Karl Truell, backside Smith grind pop out, Martin Place. Photo: Jake Darwen. 

Heavy news for the skateboarders of Sydney – Martin Place will be excavated to make way for the construction of a new underground train station, as part of the expansion of the Sydney Metro system.

Rumours have been circulating for some time, but now it's official. Major construction at Martin is set to begin next year, seeing one of Australia's key spots demolished.

The news comes from the release of the City of Sydney’s $12.5 billion plan to expand and upgrade their metro railway system, which will deliver “31 metro stations and more than 65 kilometres of new metro rail for Australia’s biggest city – revolutionising the way Sydney travels”, according to the Sydney Metro website.

01MartinPlace Station FEED
An artist's impression of how the Martin Place Metro station may look when completed. Unfortunately, no ledges in sight at this stage.

“From Sydney’s booming north west region, metro rail will run under Sydney Harbour, through new underground stations in the CBD and beyond to the south west,” the site says.

“Martin Place will become a major interchange, where passengers can switch between lines to travel on different parts of the network. It will transform the way people get around the city and connect to other parts of Sydney.

“Major construction will begin next year with the first tunnel boring machine to be in the ground before the end of 2018.

“Services start in the first half of 2019 using Sydney’s new generation of fully–automated metro trains.”

Chima Ferguson backside flip Markin
Chima Ferguson, backside flip over the Martin bench. Photo: Cameron Markin.

We are unsure at this stage as to how much of Martin will be flattened – the top stairs may remain untouched – but the section that’s home to the 3 x 3’s and The Pit, including the benches on the side, look to be facing extinction.

The days of three-trick lines followed by a banger into The Pit look like they will soon be over. If you’re holding reservations, now’s the time to get your final hammers before it’s too late.

Maybe a new skate spot – perhaps even a third rendition of The Pit – will be created to replace what Sydney skateboarders are losing? We can only hope.

You can let the City of Sydney know your thoughts on this development here.

Learn more about exactly what’s planned for the Sydney Metro expansion here.

For more reading on the topic, check out this ABC News report.

Sammy wally martin
Sammy Winter, wallie, Martin Place. Photo: Thomas Robinson. As seen in the Sydney Skateboarding feature inside our current edition.