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Away Days – Quick Q&A with Jack Fardell and Dennis Durrant

1pm // 31.05.2016

01JackFardell FEED
Jack, backside five-o transfer. Photo: Mike O'Meally. 

With the world premiere tour for adidas Skateboarding’s debut full-length film now done and dusted, we catch up with Jack and Dennis as they reflect on their experiences filming for Away Days. The Aussie lads did us proud.

Who has your favourite part in the video?

Jack: It’s such an action-packed video with so much variety that it’s hard to pick one. Dennis Busenitz is definitely one of my faves – so much speed and creativity. Who else can do what he does with that much speed and power? Silas Baxter-Neal is another favourite. His wallride combos, gnarliness and capability to skate everything is amazing. I also really like Tyshawn Jones’ part. He's young, but skates like a man. He goes for it.

Dennis: To be honest, I find it hard to have a favourite part in this video. That might be because I've kicked it with everyone and I saw each guy put in the work for the tricks in their parts. Just being there for that makes me appreciate it all. I’m feeling them all, and I feel like everyone has something different to offer.

01dennis switchbacksmith FEED
Dennis, switch back Smith. Photo: Anthony Claravall.

What was your favourite Away Days filming trip?

Jack: Barcelona. We had the entire team there to film the intro and get as many tricks as possible for parts over a two-week period. Just having the whole team there, skating all of Barcelona’s amazing spots, with 40 of the best dudes you've ever met ... best skate trip ever.

Dennis: I think Taiwan a few months ago was one of my favourites. It was just a laid-back trip with a small crew, so it didn't feel too serious. I do a lot better on trips like that.

Who is your favourite teammate to skate with?

Jack: Again, I can't pick one person with such a rad group of people, but it's a pretty rad feeling pushing down the street next to Gonz. I love skating with him. We look at spots and bounce off each other's ideas. He’ll text me spots and tricks he wants to try, or thinks I should try. We have a rad time skating together. It's pretty amazing to get to say that about your favourite skateboarder.

Dennis: Depends. I think because every trip I went on it was usually a different crew each time. Some dudes would be on a lot of the same trips I went on, so I got to skate with and get to kick it with certain dudes more often. Everyone gets you hyped in different ways, but I always enjoy skating and chilling with Rodrigo TX and Miles Silvas. They were usually regulars on the trips I went on, so it was always good vibes.

Jack, frontside 180. Photo: Andrew Peters.

What’s the best aspect of skating with The Gonz?

Jack: His creativity and enthusiasm. When we are skating he's 100 per cent focused on skating and having the best time. He just goes for it – tries tricks until he can't anymore, and just has a blast. Always high energy. The way I like it.

Dennis: I’ve really only been out skating with Gonz a couple of times, but it's always really entertaining. He's always doing some crazy, funny shit. To be honest, if there is anyone where I'm a little bit star-struck, it's Gonz for sure.

01dennis fscrooks FEED
Dennis, wallie over to front crooks. Photo: Anthony Claravall.

Ten years from now, what do you think will stand out to you the most about your involvement with Away Days?

Jack: I’m so honoured to be involved in a project like this – with the best company in the business, the best team, team managers and production company. I couldn't be more proud to have been a part of this. In 10 years’ time, I’ll think about the whole team walking up to the premiere venue and seeing how many people showed up to see our project. I hope to have that feeling again.

Dennis: Just all the travel I've been able to do. You can't beat that, and with such a good group of dudes makes it even more memorable. It's crazy to have such a big team without ever any bad vibes. But yeah, all the travelling, and all the good times, kicking it with everyone is what I'll remember the most. It's been nothing but good times.

Jack, frontside noseblunt slide. Photo: Andrew Peters.

Away Days is now available to buy on iTunes. Treat yourself.

01DennisDurrant FEED
Dennis, 360 flip. Photo: Anthony Claravall.