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Jackson Pilz Pillow Fights His Way Onto Enjoi

4pm // 07.06.2016

JacksonPilz portrait. Mapstone
Portrait: Andrew Mapstone. 

Congratulations on being added to the enjoi team direct! No more flow-bro business. How did you find out that you’re officially on the squad?

Louie [Barletta], Zack [Wallin], Ben [Raemers] and I had a team dinner sort of thing and we were drinking and talking about enjoi. Then Louie just said, as of now, you're on. Then we drank way more and partied ’til we all blacked out (laughs).

Was this something that has been talked about with the enjoi guys for a while?

You'd have to ask them. We’ve all been friends for a while and it just ended up happening.

01Jackson Pilz kickflip Arto Perth SITE
Kickflip. Photo: Arto Saari.

Did you have to partake in any sort of fruity enjoi team initiation? Get naked, shotgun beers, pash a panda, or shave your head in dedication to Zered Bassett like Caswell Berry did?

We just had a big pillow fight. It was mellow.

Are pillow fights a regular team bonding exercise over at the enjoi camp?

Of course! We also like to have the occasional beer. Right before I came back we went on a little camping mission, which was fun. But we mostly just skate and hang out. Everyone on the team is super easy to get along with.

01JacksonPilz Smith Note FEED
Frontside Smith grind. Photo: John Note.

Who do you get along with best?

Well, I've known Ben for a while. I think we met when we were like 14. I've known Louie, Caswell and Zack for a while, too.

The new Volcom video, Holy Stokes, has just hit iTunes. For those who are yet to see it, what can we expect?

Just a bunch of people keeping it stoked.

Do you have a full part?

Axel [Cruysberghs] and I have a shared part. That's my brother!

JacksonPilzSantaAnnaSwitchFSHeelFlip Mapstone FEED
Switch frontside heelflip. Photo: Andrew Mapstone.

Who are the major standouts in this video in your opinion?

Dane [Burman], Collin [Provost], Louie [Lopez] and Grant [Taylor].

How would you describe Dustin's part?

Gnarly slams, acting ... you'll have to see for yourselves.

How’s the premiere tour going? Where have you been so far, and what’s left to go?

I'm in the Tokyo airport about to fly home. We did LA, Sydney, Jakarta, Manila, Taipei and Tokyo.

How’s the liver coping?

I'm near dead. I've been drunk the whole time. But I'd rather be good at living than have a good liver.

JacksonPilzEpicOllieAustinTX Mapstone FEED
Ollie. Photo: Andrew Mapstone.

How long have you spent in The States over the past year logging clips for Holy Stokes?

About six months. I did two and a half months, came home for two months, then did another three months.

Have you been staying at Dane’s place mostly?

Yeah, while we were filming the video I just stayed at Dane and Ant [Travis]’s place. After that I went up to San Jose and stayed with Ben for like a month ... crazy times.

Were you feeling the pressure to lock in your final tricks as the deadline was approaching?

Nah, I didn't even really know I was having a part. I was just skating, trying to get tricks just to see what would happen. There was no pressure. Everyone at Volcom is chilled. I don't think anyone thought I was even going to have a part.

With Holy Stokes all wrapped up, what’s next? An enjoi welcome clip?

Maybe. I think I'm home for a couple of weeks, then off to Europe, and maybe Japan after that, then back to America. I think we're going to start filming an enjoi movie, and maybe another Volcom thing as well. We'll see.

01JacksonPilz kf5050 Burnett FEED
Kickflip over the top to 50-50. Photo: Michael Burnett.

Download Holy Stokes on iTunes here.