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Momentum – 'Form' with Harry Clark

2pm // 16.06.2016

01harry clark wallride peters cover

Morgan Campbell recently had a chat with long-time Perth ripper Harry Clark about his heavy wallride (above), which landed him the cover of Slam issue 178 back in 2011. Photo by Andrew Peters.

Harry explains his motivation to give it a go. "It was when Andrew Peters was here. He hassled me about it constantly, and then one day I cracked and said, 'OK!'"

"There’s like a two metre gap you have to clear before you head on down. There's a skinny path, so you can work your way out. I did that for a second and then tried one. I bailed, but used it like a slide, so [by doing that] you can test the waters a bit before you properly go for it. I always think if your body can clear it, then you can do it on a skateboard."

Read the full interview with Harry right here on the Momentum site.

Something worth noting – when this edition was on sale, we ran a competition asking our readers to guess exactly how high (in meters and centimeters or inches) they thought Harry's wallride was from the bottom of the wall.

To know the exact answer, we asked Harry to kindly head back to the spot with a tape measure to calculate the height of his wallride. But as it turns out, measuring the height of this monster was no easy task. "I ate more shit trying to measure it than I did trying the wallride", Harry recalled. Classic.

Check out the footage of Harry's wild ride in In Good Company by The 4 Skateboard Company below. Harry's hammer is at 7:44.

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