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Shots Fired in SF – A Close Call for Melbourne Crew

3pm // 10.08.2016

Footage by Jack Kirk (@jkirksy). 

A muck around skate on a shitty one-foot quarter quickly turned into a heated session of a different kind yesterday in San Francisco. Colin Evans talks about literally dodging a bullet.

“Jack Kirk was filming Geoff Campbell skating the spot when it happened,” says Colin, now in LA.

“We were outside the entrance to the 24th and Mission Train Station. Max Couling, Jarrad Carlin and Bryce Golder were also there. We had drank a few beers, as you do on tour. Spirits were high and we were all mucking around. No one was near us. No one came up to us or anything. There was just one loud, ‘bang!’ We all looked over and saw a guy in a black hoodie, about 25 meters away on the sidewalk, aiming straight at us. ‘Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!’ Four more shots went off. As soon as I saw the muzzle flash I jumped on my stomach and hid behind some steps. All of the others dipped around the corner. It was kinda sketchy because I was cornered. He could have walked up to me and I would have been a sitting duck. I poked my head up a couple of times and I couldn’t see him. We all grabbed our bags and dipped into the station. We got down to the platforms and went all the way to the end and hid. We went straight home.”

If you had to guess, why do you think he shot at you guys?

Because Jarrad Carlin was wearing red track pants and red shoes, and Max was wearing blue (laughs). Who knows, bro.

SF theboys
The boys earlier in the day. Could it have been Jarrad's red outfit that sparked the shots? Photo: Colin Evans.

Is the area notoriously sketchy? Did anyone warn you about skating around there?

The day before we were at the donut shop across the road from the spot and the lady was like, “Did you hear the shooting today at 2pm? Pretty scary, huh?” Then, the very next night, we were there, across the road from the donut shop, and it all went down. The area is kinda sketchy, but it’s pretty public.

How close did the bullets come? Could you tell if any of the shots came close?

Geoff and Kirksy heard a bullet go past their left ears. Their ears were ringing. It was completely random and everyone was pretty shaken after it all. We were all a little bit drunk, so once we were home we made jokes toward each other about it (laughs).