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Zero Goes Solo

12pm // 30.11.2016

Burman back Smith
Dane Burman, back Smith. Photo: Michael Burnett. 

Jamie Thomas has announced that Zero Skateboards is parting ways with Dwindle Distribution, and the brand will now operate independently.

Zero partnered with Dwindle back in 2014 after the dissolution of Black Box Distribution. Dwindle issued the following statement last week:

"This message is to act as a notice of change to the working relationship between Zero Skateboards and Dwindle Distribution. After the end of the initial term of the license/distribution agreement between Zero and Dwindle, Jamie Thomas has decided to run the brand independently. He will be setting up his offices in Carlsbad, California. Dwindle will continue to sell and deliver all Zero product until January 15, 2017."

JT took to the Slap Forum to make his own announcement:

"We are setting up a small operation to sell and distribute Zero independently in the New Year. Our goal is to focus on doing things small and well by servicing the best accounts and distributors. We'd like to continue to use DSM [Dwindle’s woodshop] as our board manufacturer for the international market and we're setting up manufacturing for North America in the US and Mexico.

"The Dwindle staff are amazing and they have been very supportive, but Zero is small, and what makes the most sense for us is to be independent and connect with the shops, distributors, and end customers directly that appreciate the brand and its history."

Under operation of Dwindle Distribution, Zero released their five-part ‘No Cash Value’ video, turned Nick Boserio pro [Nick now rides for Polar], and added new riders Chris Wimer, Windsor James and Franky Villani. Zero also celebrated their 20-year anniversary this year.

Wishing all the best to the Zero team and the future of the brand.