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The Sunday Hardware Video | Premiere Photos

11am // 07.12.2016


On Saturday night, hundreds of people crammed into Sydney's Oxford Art Factory excited to see the new George Kousoulis masterpiece. Coming in hot after Treat Yourself, George has been filming and skating nonstop over the past two years to make this video project, which is, in my opinion, his best yet.

Anyone that knows George will know how motivated he is, and how much effort he has put in to create the premier Sunday Hardware video with some of Australia's best. Do yourself a favour and buy the DVD when it comes out next week, and grab yourself a set of Sunday bearings while you're at it. Sydney put it on for this one. – Sam Coady.

Photos by George Kousoulis (except where noted).

Men of the moment. George Kousoulis with a smoochin' Cameron Sparkes.

Jake Hayes and Levi Jarvis.

Leigh Bolton, Jason Morice, Shaun Graham, Steven Carter and Jo Campbell.

Cody Riley was feelin' it. Photo: Dean Armour.

Daniel Basargin, Sam Coady and cheeky bugger Jae Overton.

Billy Lukins and Sammy Winter comparing the length of their index fingers. Photo: Dean Armour.

Erik Cole joins the band.

Lucy, Dean Palmer and Rhys Grogan with a lurking Schooner in the background.

Brett Chan, Tully and Daniel Farrell.

Ryan Wilson makin' mates. Photo: Dean Armour.

Sparkesy had a big one.

A taste of what's in store from Jae Overton. Frontside flip to switch manual, 180 out. Sequence: Coady.