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Overflow - Reece Warren

4pm // 12.12.2011

Anyone who made it to Skateboarding Australia's "The Island" competition in Sydney over the weekend would have had the pleasure of seeing big Reece Warren shred the course to bits, hitting every obstacle and putting down trick after trick. And I'm guessing by now the majority of you have visited, or at least inspected in great detail, the new Belconnen skatepark in Canberra - if not, get on that shit. It would only make sense that these two would meet and provide us with what we see here, which took place on the official Belco opening day. Tricks were going down left, right and centre, and from memory no-one had really touched the "over the love seat" section that day. Reece got fired up on MC Matrat's $50 handouts for hammers and, after a couple of muck-around attempts, decided to give it a crack. Flying in from the other side of the park with about 20 swift pushes, seven near-scooter collisions and a hyped crowd, he cruised in and put down this nosegrind. Next time you're at Belco, check this thing out with this trick in mind. Bet you tuck your tail between your legs. Words and photo: Sam Coady