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Overflow - Billy Loveder

2pm // 01.02.2012

This is a pretty legit spot. I have no idea what it's like to skate, because the most shredding I did this day was probably a half Cab on flat. Not to mention I don't even think I can even ollie that high, but hey, it looks cool in photos and footage. You get what you see - a flat rail to downhill drop-off - you just have to hope that you don't get pitched forward when you lock into something 'cause it's a pretty hefty fall. This day was another awesome coastal mission with a big crew. Billy Loveder is as gifted on a skateboard as one could be, so naturally he had already done three rad tricks before I'd even set up. I suggested that a back lip to fakie would wet my whistle, and that it did. It was too easy for him really. Has anyone else noticed these kids are getting really good lately? Cheers again, Bill.
Words and photo: Sam Coady