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Overflow - Matt Mumford

2pm // 05.09.2012

Matt Mumford, pivot to fakie, Hunt Park. Photo: Rome Torti

It's hard to come up with new things to do on a half pipe that's so old and has been skated for so long. Matty Mumford is kind of old, in skateboard years, and he'll tell you about it too. But he's been clever – instead of jumping down massive rails and stairs like he used to, now he skates bowls and transition. Not to say that it's any bit easier, it's just a little bit kinder on your knees than Smith grinding 20-stair handrails. These two veterans, Matt and Hunt park, combined their history this day with a good old pivot to fakie, but with the new approach of performing it right on the edge of this rough old concrete. That sort of combo will never get old. PS. You're not really that old Matt, I just needed a caption. Still friends, old-timer? – Words and photos: Rome Torti.