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Overflow - Guy Miller Photo Gallery

2pm // 29.05.2013

aaron rowe-frontlip
Aaron Rowe is the man. Fly-out frontside lippy from the DC Canberra tour a while back.

I haven't had photos for a while, mainly cause I've been whittling away my time on the Internet. I've been keeping across facebook status updates and looking at lolcats. I've also had a child, Hunter, who is now a year old. Occasionally I do the tasks no one else wants to (the accounts) at super shop, Kingpin.

For this photo feature, I went through my hard drive for the gems that never made it to print. This is letters A to D from the drive.
Guy Miller.

Aaron Rowe 50-50. Photo: Guy Miller

Rowe again in Wollongong. Aaron is so nimble – fast on-off 50-50 transfer.

Aaron Rowe sequence. Photo by Guy Miller

Aaron with a combo straight out of Tony Hawk Pro Skater game. Front lip to tail, shove-it out.

Aaron Rowe frontside flip. Photo: Guy Miller

This frontside flip of Aaron was so sick. What an animal.

Adam Taylor varial. Photo: Guy Miller

Adam Taylor is from Florida. Here he is with a flip varial to fakie. I shot this at Monster skatepark, and I remember Mick Mulhall was on the platform giving me photography tips.
I love Mick. I remember when he used to do badass mute tailbones to fakie on the Bondi vert ramp.

Alon Sattinger, kickflip. Photo: Guy Miller

Alon Sattinger is a wild man. Ollie up to kickflip.

Andrew Currie boardslide transfer. Photo: Guy Miller

A sequence of this ran as a Volley ad. I was super stoked on this spot 'cause I was the first person to find it. I thought, "Cuzza could do something with this". Andrew Currie, frontside lipslide pop out.

Shane Azar 180 nosegrind. Photo: Guy Miller

Another angle of this 180 reverse nosegrind was run. Shane Azar is so sick – most underrated in Oz, I reckon.

Ben Bodnar frontside ollie. Photo: Guy Miller

When Benny Bodnar isn't working at Kingpin or on a trip to Thailand, he's cracking steep frontside ollies.

Bjorn Johnston, switch feeble. Photo: Guy Miller

Who does switch feebles down handrails? Bjorn Johnston does. Switch backside feeble in Wollongong.

Brad Mcdermott, ollie. Photo: Guy Miller

Art right here. Brad McDermott, ollie with an uphill run up.

Brad Mcdermott, kickflip front board. Photo: Guy Miller

I think this is the first digi photo I ever shot. I had no idea what was going on. Brad with a kickflip front board in Dee Why.

Brad Mcdermott, fakie flip. Photo: Guy Miller

After a healthy breakfast of a meat pie and a Gatorade, Brad McDermott busts a fakie flip.

Cam Mullan, switch heelflip. Photo: Guy Miller

Cam Mullan is a legend, and he skates at a super high level. I think he could do something with his skating for sure. Move to LA, boss. Switch heelflip.

Cam Mullan, frontside halfcab flip. Photo: Guy Miller

Cam also runs the Kingpin web side of things. Kingpin would be screwed without him! Frontside halfcab kickflip.

Deon Williams, nollie backside heelflip. Photo: Guy Miller

Deon Williams drops a nollie backside heelflip.

Dane Burman backside 50-50. Photo: Guy Miller

Dane Burman is gnarly. I've never met anyone who tries to land a trick before you get your camera set up. I was thinking of all the pros with injuries who would kill to be able to get a photo like the many Dane is trying to miss out on.

Dane Burman, switch crooks. Photo: Guy Miller

This spot has a crazy downhill after it. Jamie Hawley was with us and tried to bomb it after he landed a trick. He went for a full bodyslide down the road for the longest time. It was crazy. Dane Burman, switch crooks in Wollongong.

Stay tuned for more photo gallery features.