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Overflow Gallery - Andrew Bibby

4pm // 13.10.2014

Photos and captions by Andrew Bibby.

01 louie dodd switchpolejam bibby

Louie Dodd, switch pole jam, Melbourne.
This spot isn’t easy to skate. The gap is similar in size to IMAX in Melbourne, although the ground is much worse. The run-up and landing are littered with bolts sticking out of the slab, and just a few metres before you pop you’ve gotta duck under a rail.

02 scotty standley fs180 bibby

Scotty Standley, frontside 180, Melbourne.
When you skate this carpark you can feel the whole thing move. You probably shouldn’t be in there, and jumping about wouldn’t be doing it much good. Scotty taking off from the up-ramp and gapping over the rail made it shake a shitload.

03 mitchrobertom noseblunt bibby

Mitch Robertom, frontside noseblunt slide, Melbourne.
This spot at Docklands was around for a while. It once had handrails going down it, so it was out of use for a long time. Now if you go down there, nothing is left. They’ve ripped it all out. You can only hope for new spots coming soon.

04 BenHermansSsBsHeel Bibby

Ben Hermans, switch backside heelflip, Melbourne.
Ben is good on both sides of the camera. We normally have to race each other to shooting tricks when all the boys are out skating, but I’ve got an upper hand – I can’t skate like he can. See this trick in James Robertson's video, Risky Business.

05 AnthonyBull-Halfcabbluntfrontside bibby

Anthony Bull, half Cab to front blunt, Sydney.
We went on a trip up the east coast last year, meeting up with homies along the way. While we where around Sydney, Bull was an awesome tour guide, considering he had only just moved to the area. He rips too!

06 louie dodd 5050 bibby

Louie Dodd, frontside 50-50, Melbourne.
Louie likes to hunt for spots in his own backyard. This spot is down an alley near his home, and he did this trick in a line he filmed using the whole street.

07 tommybreaks boardslide bibby

Tommy Breaks, boardslide to fakie, Melbourne.
Weird landscaping is the norm in Docklands, and this lump of concrete is no exception. When Tommy was trying this, he kicked one out straight at me and put me on my ass. The one he made, he rode it around the bend and popped out onto the seat.

08 stevenjeffers ollie bibby

Steven Jeffers, ollie, Melbourne.
Jeffers called me on Christmas Day and told me we had to meet him at a spot. I was sitting down to lunch with the extended family and decided that going to check the spot was worth it. Every time we’d been here we had been given the boot. Luckily for us, they shut the pokies for Christmas and he got the trick.

09 Dean Parsons NollieBiggy biby

Dean Parsons, nollie backside bigspin, Melbourne.
This was always one of the “famous” spots when I first started going into the City to skate. I always find going back to old spots when you’re older takes the magic away... Until I saw Dean put this down.

10 hamid monis fslip bibby

Hamid Monis, frontside lipslide, Melbourne.
This handrail has been in the back of my mind for a very long time. I’ve been showing it to people for a while. It’s always a bust and it's taller than it should be. After Hamid got this it lead to Tommy Breaks getting a few tricks as well. You can see this in Risky Business too.

11 scotty standley fsgrind bibby

Scotty Standley, ollie up to frontside five-o, Greensborough.
I’ve always copped a lot of shit for enjoying my local park. I grew up living across from this place and it's terrible, but if you’ve spent as much time here as I have, you can find the fun in it. I’ve never had any fun on the over-vert quarter though. It’s just stupid. Launching up onto it from the quarter isn’t fun, and neither is the drop into the bank at the end of it.

12 louie dodd ollie uphill bibby

Louie Dodd, ollie up, Melbourne.
Generally, there's going to be something wrong with a spot. Normally it's an easy fix. What you can’t see in this shot is that the top of the gap isn’t concrete, it’s rubber playground surface, meaning light feet are required.

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