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Rome's Blog - April 9th 2010

10am // 09.04.2010

New blog time! This last week and a bit has been full of skating, mainly to finish off Reece Warren's Slam interview which is planned for an upcoming issue.

We've ventured all over the place in search of ride-able terrain, and the whole time I've been constantly looking at my phone waiting to get "that" call from my girl Rachel, telling me to get my ass home as there is a baby attempting to remove itself from her lower regions. Yeah, it's only a couple of weeks away which means anything can happen now, but Rach is determined to keep it in and have "Ghostface Killah" (that's the name I'm going with for now) on time, as she has "too much shit to do" first.

It's funny how many people seem to become baby experts when someone becomes pregnant, even though they have never been pregnant themselves. So yeah, lots of skating and lots of getting our house ready for what's going to be the coolest boy/girl to ever walk the earth. I'll see you guys in a week or two, I hope you all enjoy my extra long blog today. Have a lovely week.