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Rome's Blog - May 11th 2010

11am // 11.05.2010

Greetings my friends. I am very excited to write this short blog as it's the first one I've done as a father! Ryder Shane Mario Torti has entered the world, and after a somewhat turbulent last year I'm so happy he's here and even happier that I'm well and able to dedicated my time to my child and fiance rather than my health.

So I haven't really skated in the last week, as you can imagine, but I'll get back amongst it next week. Another great thing that has happened since we last saw each other is that Slam Editor, and now my brother in law, Jake Frost married his lovely girl Shana. The wedding was lovely and I wish them all the best.

So that's me for now, I'm gonna go and shoot some hoops.