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Rome's Blog - July 23rd, 2010

3pm // 23.07.2010

Sup playas and playettes! I got some great news a couple of days ago telling me my tumour is still nowhere to be seen and all the doctors can see still is some scaring and residual and no cancer for now, so I'm happy as Pat in a cheap beer factory.

Rach and I are still putting in a decent amount of baby time and Ryder is still being awesome. I went out with some Brissy guys and showed them some old spots which worked out well and will hopefully produce some useable shit for some magazine articles.

Lebron signed with Cavs, my parents' cat has arthritis and there's some sort of election happening which I have to vote in, besides that, everything is going smooth and I'm loving life.

Hope you like the photos, there's not a whole lot of skating but it's better than a thumb in the bum, isn't it?

Remember to give way to your right.
Love and kisses,