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Rome's Blog - September 6th, 2010

3pm // 06.09.2010

Sup playas! I'm going through my ipod deleting shit right now and there's a lot of hip-hop, hence the urban slang intro. Anyway, how are you going? I'm good thanks for asking!

I got given another job a couple of weeks ago! As well as being a Senior Photographer for Slam, I am now the new Australian Team Manager for Element, Lakai, Matix, DVS and Plan B. So I'm pretty stoked on that pick up!

I can't wait to kick off my first rider! Haha, just kidding (or am I?). I'd like to thank Troy so much for giving me this opportunity, after looking after skateboarders for the last 12 years it's pretty amazing to be getting paid for it. Anyway, I'm now doing that a few days a week, looking after my girl and baby and getting some shooting in between all of that.

My good friend, Sparx, who is Ryder's godfather, came up to sunny Qld to do some showings for his brands (Alien, Gravis, Habitat and Anal og, haha) and skate with me, which was oh-so-nice of him. And that's about all for now as far as an update goes. I think, as you can see, I'm not venturing too far away from the coast for now, but still getting some shit done here and there.

Hope you enjoy the pics.
And remember, always give way to your right.
Love Rome.