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Check out the clip from the 'Made Sydney' contest, held on a mini version of Hubba Hideout. With ripping from Cody Riley, Billy Lukins, Sam Sutton, Jake Smyth and more.

Published in Competitions

The official opening of North Sydney's new 'crete, with ripping from Chima Ferguson, Jake Hayes, Billy Lukins, Jake Smyth and more.

Published in Skatepark

Watch some of the Sweetheart Skateboards team and friends ripping the epic new Mona Vale skatepark in North Sydney.

Published in Skatepark

Fresh out the oven, enjoy the montage from 'Cooked' – a Sydney video by Karl Dorman. Featuring Jake Smyth, Olly West, Michael Mieruszynski, Corey Young, Ben De Rome and more.

Published in Street Montage

A rad video part from Sydney's Jake Smyth for the first instalment of Broke As Hell TV.

Published in Full Part

Check out élan's first Array clip, showcasing ripping from the team and a bangin' full part from Jake Smyth.

Published in Full Part
10am // 07.09.2015

Samurai Sessions Video

Watch Ryder Lawson, Mikey Mendoza and Jake Smyth shred around Japan in this edit by Steve Murphy.

Published in Tour Videos

elan Skateboards welcomes Sydney ripper Jake Smyth to the team in this clip, filmed by Andy Walker and Jared Nicholson.

Published in Welcome Clips