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14pm // 08.12.2016

Assemble the Squad | Video

Here's one that's left of field. In a gritty abandoned warehouse, Trent Riley, Mike Lawry, Matthew Boggis and Shai Balmer session what they can salvage in this clip created to promote the Home Entertainment release of Suicide Squad.

Published in Left Field

Shai flows and floats over tough DIY terrain and some new and old parks in his 138 Skateboards welcome edit.

Published in Full Part

Check out a new Brisbane montage by John Green, with ripping from Andrew 'Beacho' Beauchamp, Ben James, Tommy Fynn, Louis Riley, Shai Balmer, Mitchell 'Mashy' Howse, Trent Riley, Edgar Kiisa and more.

Published in Street Montage
15pm // 20.01.2016

Shred for Jaybo 2016 Video

Check out the clip from the Shred for Jaybo on the Sunshine Coast, with ripping from Shai Balmer, Boyd Young, Jackson Pilz, Mat Chigwidden and more.

Published in Skatepark

Shai fluidly sessions a couple of tough-to-skate spots in his welcome clip for Herstwood, filmed by Wade Mclaughlin and Curtis Hay.

Published in Welcome Clips