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Hall of Fame 2016 – Anthony Mapstone

2pm // 22.01.2016

We are proud to induct Anthony Mapstone into the Slam Hall of Fame. Dubbed 'The Godfather' for his unwavering contribution and love for Australian skateboarding, Mappy is a true Aussie icon – not just in his home city of Melbourne, but nation-wide. Everybody knows – Mappy rules.

Enjoy Anthony's part for his Blind Skateboards bro-model above, and some timeless photos below.

Anthony Slappy SS Krooks. Photo: Mapstone

Slappy switch crooks. Photo: Andrew Mapstone.

Anthony Mapstone Slam 45 Cover

Frontside noseblunt slide. Cover of Slam issue 45. Photo: Mike O'Meally.

AnthonyPoleJam Mapstone

Pole jam 50-50. Photo: Andrew Mapstone.

Anthony WedgeKickflip Mapstone

Kickflip to fakie. Photo: Andrew Mapstone.

AnthonyDillGrind mapstone

Frontside hurricane to fakie. Photo: Andrew Mapstone.

Anthony Mapstone. Photo: Andrew Mapstone

The man. Photo: Andrew Mapstone.