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Jackson Pilz – Slam Skater of the Year 2017 | Video

2pm // 02.02.2017

Jackson Pilz is our new Australian Skater of the Year! The all-terrain annihilator from Queensland's Sunshine Coast had a massive 2016, with a stack of international coverage and crushing it in Volcom's Holy Stokes! video. Jacko's abilities on a board have been well known in Australia for a long time, and now the rest of the skateboarding world is catching on to just how much power, style and technical prowess the humble ripper possesses. Congratulations, Jackson! Enjoy his Slam Skater of the Year edit above, courtesy of Volcom.

Music: The Mystery Lights, 'Follow Me Home'. Courtesy of Daptone Records.

Photos by Andrew Mapstone.

JacksonPilzSantaAnnaSwitchFSHeelFlip Mapstone feed
Switch frontside heelflip.

01jackpilz seq 630
Backside 50-50 wallride in.

JacksonPilzBoarslidePullOverTas Mapstone feed
Boardslide yank over.

Stay tuned for the edit of Jackson's surprise announcement – coming soon. Photo: Andrew Christie.