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Full Part

The Glory Ride keeps on rollin'. Check out the second montage from Syd Row's 2011 video, featuring Ambrose Kenny-Smith, Conna Mallett, Alex Harvey, James Whineray, Mike Wale and more.

After a bizarre brush with a car in a bike lane, Geoff dusts himself off and puts it down for his smooth section in UBG Vol. 1.

Baby snakes! Kick back and enjoy Kirksy and Fiddy's sick section from Syd Row's 2011 video.

Hewitt destroys! Watch Pete's heavy new video part now.

Check out Ray's gnarly part from the new Ramshakle Skateboards video, Get Shakled.

Stevie Perez introduces his first signature shoe with smooth and stylish ripping.

Heavy moves from some of Australia's finest are delivered in the first montage from Syd Row's 2011 video Glory Ride, featuring Lewis Marnell (we miss you), Chima Ferguson, Shane O'Neill, Nick Boserio and many more.