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Full Part

Creature Skateboards announce the addition of nutcase John Gardner to the team in this wild welcome clip.

Brisbane's Pat Pollock charges all terrain in his surprising opening section from The Hype Squad Video. Check it out.

Vans presents a Slam exclusive of Jesse Noonan and friends Jimmy Roche and James Hall wreaking havoc in The States.

Jesse steps up to some sizeable rails in his section from 2015's The Hype Squad Video. Heavy ender...

To celebrate the release of their new DC signature colourways, Cyril and T-Funk get down to business in this sick shared section.

Another one from the archives; watch Callum Paul touch and feel his way around Melbourne in this full part from 2013, filmed and edited by Greg Stewart.

Hemley Skateboarding have uploaded under-the-radar Melbourne shredder Ben Hermans' section from local 2014 video, Risky Business. Check it out.