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Full Part

Soak in the shredding as Jake lays down an onslaught of heavy street skateboarding for the last part in Treat Yourself, also featuring Dane Burman.

Cody launches a stealth attack on the Sydney streets in his sick part from Treat Yourself.

Jeremy Corea x Fuknoath

2pm // 01.07.2015

Jeremy "Jezza" Corea charges in this sick new video part presented by Fuknoath.

Backing up his New Gen interview inside Slam issue 206, Sydney's Michael Mieruszynski checks in with a nice dose of stylish street shredding.

Adelaide ripper Mike Milner delivers a sick final part for local video, Streets Made Us.

Pass~Port welcomes Sydney all-terrain ripper Nik Stipanovic to the team in this sick clip.

Backing up his New Gen interview inside Slam 204, watch Tommy ripping around Melbourne in this rad re-edit of his footage from Risky Business.